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Competitive TF2

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Why should I play competitive?

Playing competitive Team Fortress 2 can be a very rewarding experience. When playing competitively, you improve drastically at the game, meet new friends, and learn things you would never have learned if you hadn't tried.

TF2 is also very unique in that its skill cap is incredibly high, so once you start, you can continue to improve at the game for years before becoming bored.

Whether you start playing competitively because you were looking for a game to get better at, because you wanted to play with your friends, or because you wanted to be good enough to crush your friends, TF2 and its competitive community will continue to suffice your competitive needs. With a cooperative community, tons upon tons of helpful resources, and many, many more things, you're sure to have an enjoyable time.

Aren't I too bad to play competitively?

Of course not! It's not like you'll be playing against the world's best players as soon as you start! As stated in the previous paragraph, there are many resources to help newer players get into competitive TF2 ranging from information sites, to PUG (pick-up game) groups, to helpful YouTube channels and series.

Competitive doesn't mean that everyone is good, it just means that everyone is trying to win. As long as you try hard to win or improve, you're a competitive player!

Now that you're convinced, you're probably looking for ways to get involved in the competitive scene. Luckily enough, we do more than convince people to play it!

If you already have a group of friends you'd like to play on a team with, great work! If not, that's fine too, as you'll get to make more friends!