Fraggers Cup

What is this?

This is a page for a competitive TF2 cup. Basically, its a tournament put on by the community. This cup is for the 6v6 format and meant for newer players to the competitive scene.

Players will be expected to be newer competitive players though. At most, UGC Steel/non-playoff ETF2l Open/non-playoff OZFortress Open experience.

This cup intends to bring more interest to the competitive TF2 scene and expand the community even more.

Why should I play in this?

Playing competitive Team Fortress 2 can be a very rewarding experience. When playing competitively, you improve drastically at the game, meet new friends, and learn things you would never have learned if you hadn't tried.

Whether you start playing competitively because you're looking for a game to get better at, because you wanted to play with your friends, or because you wanted to be good enough to crush your friends, playing competitive TF2 is super fun.

This cup will not only show you what competitive is like, but there will also be mentors available to each team to help learn map callouts, positioning, and strategies.

How 'newbie' is this?

Players within the skill ranges of "just got interested in the game" and "have tried competitive before" are allowed. It is recommended that you at least understand basic game functions and class roles before participating though. Players will be checked by our staff to ensure that they aren't too skilled for this cup (just to keep it fair).

Now that you're convinced, you're probably looking for how to join! You can join us through our Discord . More information is available there. Sign-ups are open until a week before the US matches (may be subject to change), stay tuned for more information.

If you already have a group of friends you'd like to play on a team with, great work! If not, that's fine too, there are other players who are looking for a team also, and we will find you a team.

This tournament is planned to be held on 3 different continents over 3 different weekends.

You'll be asked what continent you're from (or hope to play on if you aren't in one of the above). Asia and South America may be hosted in the following seasons depending on the success of this cup.

The rules of this cup can be found here. Any questions regarding these can be asked in the Discord .

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