Competitive Glossary

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There is a lot of different slang that is used by the TF2 community. This glossary will help you understand and learn some new words and phrases which are used often, and sometimes not that often.

Phrase Definition
4v4/4s/Fours Gamemode where teams of 4 fight against eachother. See the gamemodes page for more information.
5CP Short for 5 Control Points. Used to describe maps which have 5 control points on them, like Process or Granary.
6v6/6s/Sixes Generally seen as the standard for competitive TF2. Gamemode where teams of 6 fight against eachother. See the gamemodes page for more information.
Ad/Advantage Used to describe either when a Medic has a greater ÜberCharge percentage than the other (e.g. Red Medic has 40%, Blu Medic has 100%. Blu Medic has a 60% uber advantage, or ad for short) or when a team has more players alive than the other (Red team has 3 alive, Blu has 6. Blu has the player ad).
Airshot A shot with a projectile on a player who is in the air. Then further the airshot, the harder it is to consider the distance and the time it takes for the projectile to reach the player.
Alt Used to describe an account that is used as an alternate for someone, either to hide the players identity or their skill level, allowing them to play in a lower division than they should play in.
Backcap/Backcapping Used for when a player sneaks behind the enemy team and captures the point when they aren't close enough to it to defend it. Most common on the last point where it can capture especially quick.
Baiting When a player on your team leads you into pushing together but doesn't follow through, leaving you alone and in too deep.
BM/Bad Manners Used to describe when a team is using bad manners or sportsmanship in a competitive game. This can range from chat messages to using items like the Rocket Jumper to show how much better one team is than the other.
Bomb/Bombing To rocket or sticky-jump above the enemies to shoot at them from above. Often used to attack priority targets while being difficult to hit/counter.
Called/Calling Term used to describe when a Medic claims to have ÜberCharge. Signified by the Medic saying "I am fully charged!" This line is triggered automatically or can be forced in the voice menu. See "Faking".
"Clear Comms" This person is telling everyone in voice chat to be quiet, either so they can say something or hear someone else make a callout.
Clutch When a player performs well under pressure during a crucial part in a match (e.g. being the only player alive on last and saving the point from 3 people).
Crutch Typically used to describe a weapon that compensates for a player's lack of skill (e.g. "he uses Heavy as a crutch because he can't play anything else").
Combo Short for the combo of classes that stick around the Medic. In standard sixes, this is the Pocket Soldier, Demoman, and Medic.
Comms Short for Communcations (e.g. Discord, Mumble, etc).
Demo (Class) Short for Demoman.
Demo (Recording) A recording of all game events from the recorder's POV. Started using the command 'record [demoname]'. To view or play demos, use the command 'playdemo [demoname]'. Some leagues require you to record these in the event of there being problems with the match.
Dry Push Pushing into a point or a choke without having an ÜberCharge, usually done when your team has more players and the enemy doesn't have ÜberCharge.
Drop Term meaning that a Medic has died with full ÜberCharge. Usually a bad thing for the Medic, as using an ÜberCharge is always better than dying with it and wasting it.
Faking Used when a Medic manually triggers the voice-line "I am fully charged!" Can be used to change the enemy into thinking your team has an ÜberCharge. See "Called/Calling".
Force/Forcing This term is used to describe when a Medic is forced to used their ÜberCharge. It is done when the Medic is in an unadvantageous spot so that the ÜberCharge is rendered useless and wasted. You can force by scaring the Medic into using their ÜberCharge before needed.
FOV Field of view. Set using the console command 'fov_desired'. Default is 70, though it is highly recommended that you use 90.
Frag Synonym for kill, sometimes used when the player has been gibbed.
Have/Having Used to describe when a Medic has ÜberCharge.
Inhouse Scrim An unofficial match where a team fights itself, usually involving the team's substitute players. Used to practice playing as a team, a certain map, coordination, or to try out a potential player.
LFP Short for Looking For Players. Usually put in a team captain's name when they are looking for a player on a competitive. May include their division and/or classes they need.
LFS Short for Looking For Scrims. Usually put in a team captain's name when they are looking for teams to scrimmage against.
LFT Short for Looking For Team. Usually put in someones name when they are looking to join a competitive team. May include their division and/or classes they play.
Lit Synonymous for hurt (e.g. "Medic lit 40"). Can also mean very hurt (e.g. "Medic lit").
Logs Logs of player performance during a competitive match (usually or sizzlingstats). Can be used to show where your team's weak points are and where you as a player can improve upon. Can be seen by doing !log after a match.
Maincaller The person who coordinates and gives directions to the team. This person calls when and where you will push.
Meta Most common/most effective way to player the game, as stated by the community. Refers to playstyles or weapon loadouts.
MGE Stands for My Gaming Edge. MGE is a gamemode on community servers where players can 1v1 on snippets of maps. MGE is a very good tool for practicing your deathmatch skills and can be an arena for where you can duel people fairly.
Mid Used to describe the middle point on a CP map.
Offclass A class that is being played which isn't part of the meta (e.g. Sniper or Spy in 6v6).
Pick The act of targeting and killing an enemy without needing help.
Pocket Short for Pocket Soldier.
Pop/Popping The act of using ÜberCharge.
PUG/Pick-Up Game An unofficial match held in a competitive setting. Used to practice competitive TF2. Instances include TF2Center, FaceIT, TF2Stadium, and various, community PUG groups.
Ringer A player who plays for a team, but is not officially rostered. Different leagues have different rules for how ringers can be accepted.
Roamer Short for Roamer Soldier.
Roll Used to describe when a game is very one-sided.
Roster The official list of players who are on your team. This can usually be found on the page of your team, as well as how to add people to the roster.
Rollout The path that a player takes to (usually) the middle control point. Usually the quickest or most effective way to get there. Videos of these can be found on Rollout.TF.
Sac Short for Sacrifice.
Sandbagging Synonymous with Smurfing. When a player uses an account which looks like it should be in an easier division than the player belongs in. Especially common in UGC.
Scrim Short for Scrimmage. An unofficial match between two teams. Used to practice playing as a team, a certain map, or coordination.
Smurfing Synonymous with Sandbagging. When a player uses an account which looks like it should be in an easier division than the player belongs in. Especially common in UGC.
STV A demo recording from the server. Can be used to view any players POV or to see alternate angles. Automatically recorded in competitive games using the spectator named (by default) SourceTV.
Sub/Substitute A player who substitutes for a player on a team. Substitutes are always rostered and will be used if a backup is needed.
Surf/Surfing To use the explosive knockback of a rocket or something else to move yourself into a more advantageous position. Often used and practiced by Medics to get out of bad situations.
Solly Short for Soldier.
Tele Short for Teleporter.
Trade Used to describe when a player from each team dies (e.g. "I traded for their Med").
Trap/Trapped Short for Sticky trap. Used to describe how a doorway or choke can be trapped using the Demoman's stickybombs.
Ultiduo Gamemode where teams of 2 (a Soldier and a Medic) fight against eachother on a specialized KOTH map.
Whitelist The item restriction rules that the server/league you are playing on has enabled. This usually disables unbalanced weapons and items.