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Practice makes Perfect Improvement

Just reading walls of information won't make you instantly better at the game. Playing the game and implementing that new knowledge however can help make it stick and can help make you understand why it is important!

Below are some sources of practice that you should use (or at least try out). Note that each site/group is different and that some may be more enjoyable than others. It is important to find which one is a good fit for you.

Many of these use either 'Mumble' or 'Discord'. Many groups require you to use one of these and to have a functioning microphone (and to be comfortable enough to use it to make callouts and other things).

Newbie Mixes

Newbie Mixes are one of the best ways (if not the best) to get into competitive TF2. There are variations depending on your region, but they usually have a few things:

  • - Other new players looking to get into competitive TF2
  • - Mentors or coaches to help you improve and learn
  • - A friendly environment with more assistance if needed

Compared to a normal lobby or 'PUG' group, with just these points they are already magnitudes more helpful for newbies.

You should try and play a few mixes before playing in other lobbies until you're comfortable enough. Other lobbies can be toxic and so you want to at least have a grasp before trying those.

As always, please be nice and keep a positive attitute.

North America

The best choice for Newbie Mixes for people in NA would be the NA 6v6 Newbie Mix Steam group.

Their matches are hosted every Friday at '9PM EST'. They always have coaches who watch your team and help them after each round. You can also ask them questions if you have any.

Join the Steam group to get announcements when matches are happening and to get the information to their Mumble server.


As for the best choice for EU, the European TF2 League (ETF2L) hosts Newbie Mixes in their Discord server every week.

Their matches are hosted every Saturday at '8PM CET'. They usually have at least 2 Admins or Mix Masters in each mix to help out and answer any questions you have.

Join the ETF2L Discord to play. The Newbie Mixes are under Fresh Meat Challenge. This is a tournament for newer European TF2 players. There is more information in the Discord.